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Thread: Are Chia Seeds Really All THAT?

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    I have heard the pros and cons of Chia seeds. They are highly recommended in the book, Born to Run, and then the Huffington Post said this about them:

    What I've heard on Rob Wolff's podcast, Paleolithic Solutions, is that although they are high in omega 3's, they are short chain vs the long chain you'd find in fish oil and so he dismisses them to the amount of hype they seem to be getting all over. (Even my grocery store has a display for them in the organic area).

    Who's used them, have you noticed the wonder benefits they mention or is this simply another fad?

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    I don't know much about them but most Omega 3 from plant sources is in the form of ALA, a form which the body has to convert to DHA or EPA to use and which it can't convert readily. I have a feeling the placebo effect is in effect.

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    I've used them before, and could tell a little bit of a difference (for the better) in my swims and longer runs. Also my crossfit times seemed to be a little better. Give them a try, I mean what do you have to loose?

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    I can't speak for anybody else, but I LOVE 'em.

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    hype, ALA is of limited value. End of day they are a seed. Seeds are just on the OK list.

    As Mark says:

    To sum up, seeds are last – and possibly least – on the list of Primal-approved foods. You don’t want to make them the bulk of your diet (there’s no way Grok ever did), but they can’t be beat for portability and convenience.</blockquote>
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    I bought some them last fall after reading Born to Run... wanted to try them out. The only thing I noticed was the hydration effect. They slowed the absorption of water... kind of like and internal IV drip. Worked great for longer workout sessions. I continued to take fish oil while I was using the chia seeds. Never noticed any benefit there but who knows. I think they taste pretty good in water with a little lime juice too.

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    It&#39;s not like I can really add them and say "these imrpove my wellness by this much!" or omit them and measure the difference. But they&#39;re a good way to add more fat to the diet and balance the omega fat ratio. ALA is indeed overrated for EPA and DHA conversion but I believe that it has its own benefits, namely countering the inflammation from any omega 6 fats we get. Chia seeds also have some pretty good nutrition and have a fair amount of antioxidants so I&#39;m glad to include them.

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    @andyincc: What the hell is that about?

    re topic: ho hum, another fad........

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