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Thread: Anyone pan fry fish without "breading"?

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    Anyone pan fry fish without "breading"?

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    I've seen some paleo/low carb pan fried fish recipes that use coconut flour or almond flour or crushed pork rinds as breading. But does anyone just throw the fish into the pan and fry it naked? (The fish is naked, not the cook! lol) I prefer my fish fried because, well... I really don't like fish, but the little bit of extra crispiness from frying makes it easier for me to stomach.

    If so, any tips/hints/suggestions?

    I have a couple of flounder fillets and was thinking about just frying them in butter and then dusting them with dried dill. Any other ideas?
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    i pan fry steak in coconut oil without breading, cant see why it would be different. never tried it though

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    Fish fried on medium heat with butter is excellent. Flounder is a good choice for it. Personally, I wouldn't fry until crisp as I prefer my fish moist. You'll find it has a milder taste too
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    i fry fish all the time without batter, but not to make it crispy, it will go rubbery in the pan.

    There are loads of recipes on the net about frying fish its not hard to find other suggestions, but if you want crispy and fried fish, this is how the thai do it and it awesome!

    I believe its whole fish deep fried for ages. (You will have to choose a better oil than them though lol)

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    It can stick and flake/break up.

    I find it works best with skin on, fry it on a moderate heat skin side down until the skin is crispy enough not to stick; then flip.

    Or How to saute and pan sear fish - YouTube

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    We usually do not use breading at all. Hot Oil and flash fry, make sure u dry the fish first as it will crisp up way better....

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    Salmon or trout fillets fried in butter or coconut oil are awesome.
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    I pan fry fish without any breading all the time. I use a couple tbsps of butter, to prevent any sticking. Coconut oil or lard would also work.
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    I always fry my fish with no flour or anything. Just lard, in a cast iron pan. Works really well...

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    We eat naked fish, too. I prefer it this way. Just add a little bit salt and pepper, and maybe some lemon juice (just before eating).

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